Syria & the world

Syria strategic position on the eastern costs of the Mediterranean, linking as it does the three continents of Asia, Africa and Europe, Syria is since ancient times. Syria is the center of Trade between East and West. Its surface is 185000 KM2 and the population of Syria is over than 16 million 3 million of whom reside in the capital, Damascus.

Syria has been a socialist country since the 60’s but the situation started to change in the 90’s and especially during the last couple of years. Although, the Syrian economy is still planned to large extent, the liberation process is taking place gradually.

Foreign investment is now encouraged in Syria and this is especially turn after the promulgation of the investment law no. 10 in 1991. The purpose of this law is to encourage the investment of capitals whether Syrian, Arab or foreign within the Syrian territories. It offers many advantages of investing under this law including tax exemptions and import facilities and the opening of bank accounts in foreign currency.