The main services offered by our office include:

  • Giving advice to investors,
  • Preparing so-called economic studies and preliminary studies,
  • Obtaining and gathering documents and information needed during the pre-establishment period,
  • Providing investors with full knowledge of laws, regulations, circumstances, conditions and other matters which may have an impact upon their prospective projects,
  • Carrying out all formalities needed to obtain the required permits and approvals for the establishment of the investment project,
  • Drawing up articles of association and/or other documents needed for the establishment of the project,
  • Registering such documents at the District Court, the Commercial Registry, and the concerned Chambers of Commerce and/or Industry,

Providing all other services needed for the final establishment of the project, also performing services needed for commissioning and operation of the project, such as:

a) To provide the company with all laws, regulations, administrative orders and instructions applicable to its business activities.

b) To draw up all lease and rental contracts of the expatriate officers and staff, for the purposes of living accommodations and rental of cars and vehicles.

c) To study all insurance matters and contracts.

d) To help in solving all problems which may arise during the commissioning phase and also during the operation phase, in removing any obstacles to the smooth running of the company, and in settling any disputes either amicably or by arbitration or through the courts of law having jurisdiction.

e) To give advice, opinions and studies concerning financial and tax matters, to follow up such matters with concerned authorities, to prepare and submit all returns, including tax returns and depreciation schedules for all machinery and equipment as from the date of their import and/or actual putting into operation, to organize and supervise company accounting and book keeping and to ascertain that all records required by laws and regulations are duly kept.

f) Generally, to help in obtaining all permits, authorizations and approvals needed to carry out the purposes of the company and to implement resolutions of the investors, and to provide such investors with all data, information and explanations necessary to arrive at the proper decisions.

g) To submit periodic reports on the fulfillment of the tasks entrusted to our office.

h) To supply minutes of the board meetings or equivalent written resolutions of Directors ready for signature by the directors.

i) To file all necessary documents with the Registrar of Companies and Registrar of Commerce and other governmental bodies.

j) To operate a reminder system to advise the latest date on which Annual General Meeting is to be held.

k) To supply documentation in relation to the Annual General Meeting including minutes.