Domestic & International Links

Sabbagh & Associates law office has further extended its internal and overseas links and commitments by becoming a member of the following domestic and international associations:

  • Syrian Bar Association: an association that promotes cooperation between Syrian lawyers all over the country and ensures the right of the lawyers to practice his profession with dignity. The Association also promotes legal knowledge and information, its main aim is to ensure the proper practicing of the profession.
  • ICC: international Chamber of Commerce/ Syrian National Committee. Being a member of the Syrian National Committee ensures the participation of our attorneys in the activities organized by the ICC on domestic, regional and international levels.
  • IBA; International bar Association. Formed in 1947 in New York State, IBA is the world’s largest international organization of Law Societies, Bar Associations and individual lawyers engaged in transnational law.

The objectives of the IBA include the discussion of problems related to the legal profession and to promote the exchange of information between legal associations worldwide and to keep abreast of developments in the law, and help in improving and making new laws.


  • LES; Licensing Executive Society, Arab countries, an organization which has among its objectives to further the research on an international level in the field of intellectual property and to find the proper system for resolving disputes arising of the licensing of intellectual property rights. The organization deals with all matters related to intellectual property and licensing contracts and transfer of technology. The organization conducts studies, research, training courses and publishes technical reports. It has among its members; experts, specialists in the field, legal councilors and business-men.
  • International Law Link; an association of established legal practices. Law Link provides an extensive network of support for international business. Expert lawyers in each jurisdiction are able to offer their skills to our office’s clients whenever needed. Each jurisdiction is represented in the association through one member law office and our office has been selected as a member from Syria.

The aim of the association is to enhance the ability of its members to develop the international practice of each member and provide the opportunity for introducing the clients of one member to other members and to provide all means necessary for the successful cooperation of the members.

  • RIOARBITRATION: Tribunal International de Rio de Janeiro

Its purpose is to capitalize on the recent changes in the Brazilian Law code to allow for settlement of disputes outside of the courts. Rio Arbitration is positioned as the prime Brazilian-based center for international arbitration.

 Rio Arbitration has engaged in setting partnerships throughout the world including Italy, Spain, France, Germany, United States, Middle East and South America. As part of its expansion plans, it associates itself with Sabbagh & Associates Law office which is willing to represent it within Syria as an international and skilled arbitrators.

 We can summarize our collaboration with Rio arbitration as follows:

  1. Acting as arbitrators and /or experts;
  2. Sabbagh & Associates Law office is the correspondent of Rio arbitration in Damascus-Syria;
  3. Participation, optional and successive, as an affiliate of an international network of arbitration courts.


Our group includes among other activities: Legal Services, auditing, consulting, market research, mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance, as well as other related services.

  • SMCA : “Syrian Management Consultants Association” Founding member of SMCA which is found by virtue of the decision NO./863/ dated on 12 May 2005 issued by the Minister of Social Affairs and Labor in the Gazette on 9 June 2005, edition No.33.

SMCA Strategic Goals & Mission:

  • Meeting the demand for a qualitative transformation in the approach, thinking, system and techniques of consultancy work in Syria.
  • Develop the consultancy profession via conducting training courses, seminars, workshops and sight tours.
  • Organize the consultancy profession and develop rules and regulations of consultancy work in conformity with international standards.
  • Establish an accessible data base to provide comprehensive info on consultancy services in Syria and people involved in the field.
  • Promote relations with parallel Arab/international organizations and take part in their activities.
  • Raise management and economic awareness various activities such as seminars, gathering, Lectures, studies and publication.