Our high level of investment in technological facilities , and well-developed links with other professions. Ensure that all clients receive the highest possible standards of services.


Sabbagh & Associates Law Office was established in 1985 by Attorney Bassam Sabbagh, and since then, it has provided the security and confidence needed for its clients need to assure their continuous and profitable growth.

We are one of the largest law offices in Syria, and offer a full range of legal services at competitive terms with our extensive legal experience in the Middle East, America and Europe.

In addition to the traditional role of representing clients in contract negotiations and dispute resolutions, our office can render services and advice to clients who are not familiar with Syria and the Middle East in general in order to expedite business matters and allow the client to use his time more efficiently.

Sabbagh & Associates’ high level of investment in technological facilities, and well-developed links with other professions ensure that all clients receive the highest possible standards of services. The legal data available in our law office ensures speedy and satisfactory performance of legal services, especially that it is transferable and the service can be rendered from anywhere and not only from the office.

We ensure a high level of confidentiality, since only authorized persons have access to the legal files and documents in the office. All employees and legal personnel of the office have signed confidentiality agreements that prohibit the divulgence or disclosure of any information related to the clients. The office is under surveillance 24 hours.


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Our Goal & Commitment

Sabbagh & Associates primary goal is not only to provide high quality of legal services, but to also develop expertise in a diversity of practice areas, so that we will be ready to meet our clients’ needs and provide the best possible and up to date advice on current legal issues.

We are dedicated to provide top quality legal representation to institutional and individual clients. These client’s in today’s global business environment demand the sophistication and expertise of an international law office and they can also benefit from our cost effectiveness offered by our small, specialized practice. 

One of our priorities is to ascertain and service a client’s requirements as quickly as possible, with the benefit of a full understanding of all the potential hazards, business opportunities, and offering reassurance when necessary. Our breadth of experience in both domestic and international practice makes us well suited to assist clients with today's complex cross-border transactions.

There is a big difference between hearing someone, and listening to that person or message…Hearing, perceives by the ear, while listening is giving caring attention…

Sabbagh & Associates Law Office lends a listening ear to your personal case, and provides you with all the protection and security you will ever need.

How we do serve our clients?

  • Qualified professional staff
  • Efficient management
  • Intimate knowledge of regulatory affairs
  • Computerized quality control
  • Modern communication facilities
  • Documentation services and legal translation services in Arabic, English and French.